Katrina's Story

Katrina is a wife to her wonderful husband, Nathan, for over 21 years! They have one daughter, Karissa Lee, who is a Musical Theater senior in college in NYC. She taught preschool when her daughter was only a year old. Katrina then homeschooled her daughter from 5th Grade all the way through high school. 

Katrina also ran a small Youth Musical Theater company in her hometown. She wrote, directed and produced all the shows. She eventually brought the program into local elementary schools as part of their after-school enrichment program. This fueled her passion to get back in the classroom and teach again. So when Karissa moved away to New York, she found her way back to her first love - TEACHING!

Katrina is currently a Preschool/Pre-K teacher and director in small private school in Northern California. She loves learning along with her students. In her classroom, you'll find her doing a lot of explosive science experiments, mind-blowing process art projects and lots of sensory activities! She and her students raise chicks to chickens, tadpoles to frogs, egg to nymphs to praying mantids, and caterpillar to butterflies in her classes. But her most absolute favorite is telling her students stories. A lot of the stories she tells them are ones she makes up - some she makes up on the spot!

Katrina's books are mostly based on the animals she has at home. They have three dogs - Snowflake, Buster and Surprise (who they fondly call Buddy), a chinchilla named Mochi, a turtle named Elphie, and two crested geckos named Nugget and Buttercup. In her backyard chicken coop, you'll find Bennie, Foggy, Suzie Q, Nugget, Henny, Peep and Fiona. Though Fiona has since moved away since the release of BENNIE. We'll save this story for another day! ;)